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Wirecart Limited

last update 22/03/2011  

Wirecart Limited is a dissolved private limited company incorporated on 20th November 1996 and dissolved on 28th August 1998. This company resides in Dundee, Scotland. Country of origin is United Kingdom.

Basic information on Wirecart Limited

Company Number SC170021
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Registered Office Drummond House
281 Clepington Road
Company Origin United Kingdom
Country Scotland
County Dundee City
Postcode Dundee - DD3 8
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More information on Wirecart Limited

Status Dissolved
Type Private Limited Company
Incorporation Date 20/11/1996
Dissolution Date 28/08/1998
Documents Incorporation, Accounts, Return, Appointments and Dissolution information on Wirecart Limited

Financial information on Wirecart Limited

Accounting Reference Date 30/11

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This page shows information about Wirecart Limited whose registered office according to registrar of companies is:

Drummond House
281 Clepington Road

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