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Applecross Properties (craighall) Limited

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Applecross Properties (craighall) Limited is an active private limited company incorporated on 25th May 2005. Nature of business of Applecross Properties (craighall) Limited is "Buying and selling of own real estate". This company resides in Edinburgh, Scotland. Country of origin is United Kingdom.

Basic information on Applecross Properties (craighall) Limited

Company Number SC285313
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Registered Office 10 Charlotte Square
Company Origin United Kingdom
Country Scotland
County City of Edinburgh
Postcode Edinburgh - EH2 4
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More information on Applecross Properties (craighall) Limited

Status Active
Type Private Limited Company
Incorporation Date 25/05/2005
Nature of Business 68100 - Buying and selling of own real estate
Buying and selling of own real estate in Edinburgh
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Financial information on Applecross Properties (craighall) Limited

Accounting Reference Date 30/06
Last Accounts Made Up To 30/06/2013 (Full)
Next Accounts Due 31/03/2015
Last Return Made Up To 25/05/2013
Next Return Due 22/06/2014
Last Members List 25/05/2013

Previous names of Applecross Properties (craighall) Limited

Previous NameDate of change
Trinity Developments (craighall) Limited01/12/2005
Balfman (no. 151) Limited19/10/2005

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This page shows information about Applecross Properties (craighall) Limited whose registered office according to registrar of companies is:

10 Charlotte Square

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