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A.m. Nomikos & Son (uk) Limited

last update 02/10/2014  

A.m. Nomikos & Son (uk) Limited is an active private limited company incorporated on 28th October 1981. Nature of business of A.m. Nomikos & Son (uk) Limited is "Other transportation support activities". This company resides in London, England. Country of origin is United Kingdom.

Basic information on A.m. Nomikos & Son (uk) Limited

Company Number 01594081
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Registered Office 12-18 Grosvenor Gardens
Company Origin United Kingdom
Country England
County Greater London
Borough City of Westminster
Postcode London - SW1W 0
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More information on A.m. Nomikos & Son (uk) Limited

Status Active
Type Private Limited Company
Incorporation Date 28/10/1981
Nature of Business 52290 - Other transportation support activities
Other transportation support activities in London
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Financial information on A.m. Nomikos & Son (uk) Limited

Accounting Reference Date 31/12
Last Accounts Made Up To 31/12/2013 (Full)
Next Accounts Due 30/09/2015
Last Return Made Up To 01/05/2014
Next Return Due 29/05/2015
Last Members List 01/05/2014

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This page shows information about A.m. Nomikos & Son (uk) Limited whose registered office according to registrar of companies is:

12-18 Grosvenor Gardens

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